The direction of my life and art is one residing in contentment.  Painting for me is a tool to clear the mind, find balance, and discover more about myself in my surroundings.  Creating my work entails constructing these environments that are influenced by things seen, heard, and felt.  Walking and gathering become meditative.  The act of drawing and painting achieves release and reveals clarity.  Each phrase of the process contributes to the final piece.   Everyday encounters and objects take on meaning of memory, personalities, and medicinal means of healing.  The history within the layers of paint and drawing become a conversation about time, growth, and life.  I am attracted to how a painting exposes itself over time, how the accumulation of color, shapes, line - mold these environments to take on meaning beyond plant or ocean matter.  How the piece evolves and travels in many directions.   How the act of creating becomes an accumulation of time within the confines of the paper. 

My body of work illustrates the merging of location and the self.  I am interested in how sense of place becomes a significant aspect to where the painting resides and the materials I chose.  Environment surrounding me drives the environment created on paper. One piece is a collection of numerous experiences. Whether it is a specific location or various locations, translation merges between figurative and literal.

I consciously chose not to have a fixed image of the final piece; I welcome chance and trust the process to drive the completion.  I invite the viewer to discover their own reaction to these pieces. Curiosity drives me to paint, to keep mark making new and fresh, seizing the beauty on paper so it can thrive in the world.  


I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey.  I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration (‘05) and went on to obtain my Masters of Fine Arts (‘08) from Montclair State University in New Jersey with a concentration in Painting.  After graduating, I continued to paint as well as teach.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to intern at the Contemporary Art Museum of Honolulu in the summer of 2010.  After obtaining a position as a professor at Hawaii Pacific University teaching art, I decided to stay in Hawaii.  The transition from New Jersey to Hawaii has influenced my work greatly.  It has reinforced my ideas of location and how location translates into your personal creation.  I am especially sensitive to color, design, contrasts, harmony, and chance. All of these elements are revealed in the balance of conscious and subconscious energies in the work.  In which, my daily encounters translate into my work.

For the month of July in 2011, I was awarded a grant scholarship to attend the Vermont Studio Center residency program.  I completed my second residency at the Santa Fe art Institute in New Mexico during the month of March of 2014.  I gave a presentation on work to the community and that summer exhibited the works completed in a solo show at the Halele'a Gallery on Kauai. I find that residencies provide a place for discovery, education from the people I encounter as well as from the new environment I will reside.

 My work is part of collections throughout the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. My studio is located in Honolulu, Hawaii.